Other Information as per the Minimum Standard Regulation (UNANI)

a) Research publication during the last one year : National Seminar on “The Role of Unani Medicine in Non-Communicable Diseases” - 14-15 January 2015.
Paper Presented : Comparative elemental analysis of Kushtae Sadaf prepared by different methods – N. Irfhan Md. And Shariq Shamsi.
b) Details of any continuance Medical Education programme, Conferences or any academic activities conducted by the institution: Nil

c) Details of any awards and achievements received by the students and the faculty : Gold Medal awarded by the Niamath Science Academy to the final year passed students of this College.
d) Details of affiliated University and its Vice-Chancellor and Registrar :
Name of the University : TN Dr.MGR Medical University, Chennai-32.
Name of the Vice-Chancellor : Dr.D.Santharam, MD, Dip. Diab. Phone : 044 22353595
Name of the Registrar : Dr.(Mrs) Jhansi Charles, M.D. Phone : 044 22353572

j) Results of all examinations of the last one year:

FEBRUARY 2014      
  I 26 22 4
  II 6 6 0
  III 14 14 0
AUGUST 2014      
  II 22 17 5
  III 8 5 3
OCTOBER 2014      
  I 26 26 0

k) Details status of recognition of all courses:UG course recognized and got permission for the year 2014-15.
l) Details of Clinical material available in the Hospital: All the Clinical infrastructure is available.