Facility and Infrastructure


The Government Unani Medical College has a main building and Three Academic Block buildings. All the 14 departments are housed in these four buildings. In addition to it College departments have independent departmental libraries, Herbal Garden, Pharmacy and Out-Patient /In-Patient Radiology Department (X-ray, Ultrasonogram), ECG, Bio-chemical, Pathological laboratory facilities in the Campus of Arignar Anna Govt. Hospital of Indian Medicine, Chennai-600106.


The Arignar Anna Government Hospital of Indian Medicine is attached to Government Unani Medical College in which there is a separate department for Unani system of Medicine having a 100 bedded Male, Female and Children ward. The hospital has X-ray unit, ECG, USG and Clinical laboratory facilities.

Out-Patient Department

This college is attached to Arignar Anna Government Hospital of Indian Medicine in which we have following Out Patient departments in Unani System of Medicine:

» Moalajat(General Medicine)—Male/Female
» Qabalat wa Amraze Niswan (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
» Amraze Atfal(Pediatrics)
» Jarahath (Surgery)
» Ilaj Bit Tadbeer(Regimenal Therapy)
» Tahaffuzi wa Samaji Tib (Social and Preventive Medicine)
» Amraze Jild wa Tazeeniyath (Skin and Cosmetology)
» Amraze Ain Uzn Halaq wa Asnan (Ophthalmology and ENT and Dental)

In-patient Department

Having facilities of admitting 100 patients of Moalajat, Atfal, Niswan, Jarahath, Ilaj Bit Tadbeer and Ain Uzn Halaq wa Asnan (separate ward for males, females and children).


The Arignar Anna Govt Hospital of Indian Medicine having its own pharmacy for preparation of compound Unani medicines for catering the needs of Out-Put and In-Patient departments. The BUMS students of this college undergo practical training in the department of saidala (pharmaceuticals) regularly . This pharmacy is having all the infrastructure facilities for the preparation of compound Unani medicines like powders, legyams, pills, tablets, decoction, ointments, liniments, pastes, distilled extracts. Also having quality testing laboratory and teaching pharmacy facilities.

Herbal Garden

The herbal garden is located in the Govt Arignar Anna Hospital Campus. It has 100 species and more than 150 unani medicinal plants for the purpose of teaching which includes identification, cultivation, conservation, collection and preservation techniques of live plants.

Female Hostel

The Government Unani Medical College has separate Hostel for female students which is situated in the secured and peaceful environment of Arignar Anna Govt Hospital of Indian Medicine, Chennai. It has the capacity to hold 72 inmates, with its own kitchen and recreation facilities. The Deputy Warden is posted to supervise the students and also to take care of their day to day needs.

Special Therapy-Ilaj Bit Tadbeer ( Regimenal Therapy )

Regimenal therapy is one of the most popular methods of treatment practiced by the Unani physicians since antiquity. Ancient Unani physicians viz., Hippocrates, Galen, Rhazes, Avicenna, Albucasis etc., have described various regimens for the management of diseases, either independently or in combination with other therapies such as Hijama(Cupping), Dalk (Massage), Taliq (Leeching), Fasd (Venesection), Is’hal (Purgartion), Qai (Emesis), Idrare Bawl (diuresis), Huqna (Enema), Tariq (Diaphoresis), Tanfiz (Expectoration), Ilam (Counter irritation), Abzan (Sitz bath) etc., some other regimens are also used for elimination / diversion of morbid material or resolution of inflammation eg., Hammam (Turkish bath), Natool (Irrigation), Takmeed (Fomentation) etc.


The Dr. Ambedkar Central Library of Indian Medicine, Arignar Anna Government Hospital of Indian Medicine campus, Chennai - 106 is attached to Government Unani Medical College, Chennai.

The Library is having 3694 Unani Books, 2172 Modern Medicine and related books, 21 medical journals and other books viz. Ayurveda and Siddha system books - 7577. Totally there are 13464 books available. The library is equipped with computers with internet facility and having seating capacity up to 100